Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to Editor: Reader questions road project’s cost, timeline

April 24, 2013

Re: The $5.6 million project to resurface 3.2 miles of Rochester Rd. in Addison Township this summer.

Does anyone check what neighboring counties are doing?

Van Dyke is closed from Ebeling to 34 Mile until November, and those traveling from areas north of Lakeville are having a major thoroughfare cut off. Macomb county paved the detour BEFORE the road was closed, why does Oakland county think it is okay to send high volumes of heavy traffic down dirt roads and destroy them?

Does the price seem a little high – $5.6 million to repave 3.5 miles? Does the timeline seem a little slow? Six months for a REPAVE? A year to finish the landscaping?

Is this the norm for other projects in Michigan?

Max Wedge