Source: Sherman Publications

Signs of the city

by Mary Keck

May 01, 2013

City Council told a subcommittee made up of two City Planning Commissioners and two Historic District Commissioners to seek bids for four signs estimated to cost $5,000, April 22.

“Something the city has needed for a while is a designation to let people know that this is a historic district,” said Historic District Commission Chair Cara Catallo.

Three of the proposed signs would show where the Historic District begins and ends, and another sign would direct visitors to Village Hall, Depot Park, and parking.

Along with Catallo, Planning Commission Chair Jen Detkowski and Commissioners Brett Bastishill and Kevin Harrison were on the sign subcommittee.

“One [sign] would be as you’re coming south on Main Street into town right before Miller road,” Detkowski explained. “The second would be entering the Historic District going north on Main Street. So, right before that vacant lot before Waldon.”

A third sign would be placed on White Lake Road just before Depot Road, and the last wayfinding sign would go at the southwest corner of Depot Road and Main Street.

In shades of orange, gold, and brown, the custom 24 inch by 36 inch signs say “Clarkston Historic District, established in 1832. National register of historic places, designated by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior in 1980.”

Estimated cost for the four signs and their metal posts is $5,000. Each Historic District sign would cost approximately $1,175. If the City Council could not afford the signs, the subcommittee would consider fund raising and grant writing to pay for the markers, Catallo noted.

The subcommittee also proposed street signs with white lettering that would have a round marker designating the historic district; however, they were not figured into the estimated $5,000 cost.

City Council agreed to look into financing the signage and gave unanimous approval for the subcommittee to seek bids. In addition, they were asked to research the permitting process required by the Michigan Department of Transportation for the new markers.

The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for May 6 and City Council will meet again on May 13. Both meetings will take place at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.