Source: Sherman Publications

Heroes in the hallway

May 01, 2013

What does it take to be a superhero in Clarkston?

Independence Elementary third graders found out last week as they learned six different leadership skills from local superheroes - (Clarkston High School students in LEAD, International Baccalaureate and Teacher Cadets).

They learned communication, trust, diversity, spirit, attitude and teamwork.

"We wanted to do something third graders would understand because some things are hard to do," said Abbey Rienke.

"The whole purpose is to teach the third graders the importance of leading in their school with their friends and in their community," said Amy Quayle, teacher for LEAD.

As the students finished each station they collected a sticker. When they received six stickers they were ready for the final step - becoming a superhero - after reciting the superhero oath - Lead Everyday and Discover.

"It is just so much fun," Natalie Vela smiled. "We love getting our whole leadership class together and others from around the high school. It is fun to come together for our goal and hang out with the third graders. They seem to grasp what we are trying to teach them."

The superheroes from the high school take flight to visit two more elementaries this month - Pine Knob and Andersonville.

"Now that they have become superheroes they have to pass on the amazing things they learned onto classmates, family members and friends," Quayle added. ~WAR