Source: Sherman Publications

Year 2: Girls LAX continues to improve

by Trevor Keiser

May 08, 2013

As a second year varsity program, the Girls Lacrosse Coach Andrew Bausack expected much improvement from last year’s team.

“A lot of our girls played some summer lacrosse and got better doing that,” he said. “As a team, we’re a lot farther along right now than we were at any point last year.”

Bausack said he had 11 returning varsity players from last year’s team and five that played on JV last year move up to the varsity level.

“The returning players set the example for our young players. They worked hard in the off-season to get better,” he said. “They’ve all improved a lot of their skills> Everybody is better at something than they were at the end of last season.”

Senior players include Emma Kimmel, Riley Hayes, Emily Diedrich, Jordan Pieczynski, Brenda Flasher, Lauren Ubbing, and Caitlyn Wroblewski

Bausack noted that Diedrich, who played JV last year, has been an asset to the varsity team with her versatility.

“Having a player to play multiple positions is a big advantage for us,” he said.

The strength of this year’s team is an overall “stronger and more complete team,” said Bausack.

“Last year, as a first-year varsity program, we were in the position of taking players who were athletic but not necessarily experienced in lacrosse,” he added. “This year we have athleticism that is experienced and it makes a big difference.”

The biggest weakness for the team he said is only having a roster size of 16 girls.

While their current record is 5-2-1, their success or failure isn’t based on the number of wins, Bausack said.

“We want to be getting better everyday because we believe that if we continue to just make steady improvement that’s how we’re going to get to where we need to be,” Bausack said.

“We know we’re going to win a few games, we know we’ll lose a few, but we want to keep improving our lacrosse skills and then just let the score take care of itself.”

The girls will take the field on Saturday, May 11 against the Clarkston Wolves at Clarkston High School.