Source: Sherman Publications

Guest viewpoint
Make over for Dixie Highway corridor

May 15, 2013

Those of us who work own or operate small businesses, those who shop and travel on Dixie Highway in Springfield Township, those who walk or jog, mail carriers to UPS drivers; we are all affected by the road construction.

We waited, we persevered we continue to patiently move to and from our destinations as we maneuver getting through the orange barrels to direct us on our designated path.

The anticipation of how disrupting this whole project would affect our business is now a reality.

From this perspective the work seems to be moving along as smooth as possible.

We appreciate the slower traffic movements and hope some of you are noticing our store fronts, in hopes you will take a break and stop in, get acquainted with who some of us are; what we provide for our Clarkston, Waterford and surrounding communities.

The road crews have been diligently operating night and day in order to complete the project to allow our community to return to our daily travels to and from our destinations on improved, smoother roadways. New and improved systems seem to be implemented to make the work less intrusive to daily routine.

Michigan Department of Transportation, we appreciate your collaborated efforts to work in our community and respectfully taking in consideration the safety and well being of all those who are affected.

Many of us business owners and employees look forward to meeting new faces and continue welcoming familiar ones during our Dixie make over. We take this as a good omen toward an up-turn economy in progress.

This could be a new seed to re-start what Sam Moraco spearheaded in 2009 to unite businesses and township toward a beautification project on Dixie Highway.

If this is what was missing, then this is 2013, another beginning.

Thank you all, from the road crew, to Independence Township officials, Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, the entire business community and community at large for maintaining safety while folks move in and out of traffic flow.

With appreciation from Maria Rotondo Mark, MakeOver Place Salon, 5888 Dixie Highway, and Don Brose, Brose Electric/Lighting One, 5897 Dixie Highway, and the other businesses on Dixie Highway.