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Letter to the Editor
Reader calls out sourceless attacks

June 05, 2013

Dear Editor,

I am very disappointed that you printed the "Reader Concerned About Local Education" letter to the editor in your paper.

What I am disappointed in is that you would print a letter that has a lot of assumptions based entirely on unchecked opinions without doing any fact checking yourself.

If you or Mr. Palese would have done any due diligence you would have found out that the seventh grade teacher that Mr. Palese calls out actually did and had taught more than one lesson in that school year source: Clarkston teacher.

If you or Mr. Palese would have done your due diligence you would know that "flipping" a classroom is a researched strategy used by many Clarkston/Michigan/U.S. teachers source: The Flipped Classroom by Aaron Sams among countless others.

I am disappointed that my local paper would stoop this low; where does chalk on a sweater equal good teaching? Source could not find one that correlated the two variables. I will defend Mr. Palese's right to speak, even if I disagree source: First Amendment. I will defend your right to print articles that I don't agree with source: First Amendment, but I will not defend anyone's right to libelous accusations.

I'll start defending those rights as soon as I finish my donuts and coffee.

Brooke Davis

Independence Township