Source: Sherman Publications

Riders become champs

June 05, 2013

The Clarkston Junior Equestrian team finished as District 2, Division C champions.

They were competitive at their meet in Armada as they rode against Oxford, Brandon and Rochester, May 19-20.

They took first place in many events as well as placed high.

First places were eighth grader Callie Keller in the huntseat bareback on day one; seventh grader Rileigh Landis in huntseat bareback on day two; sixth grader Renee Ledbetter in the two man relay on both days; eighth grader Kenzie Nadeau in cloverleaf, stakes races and two-man relays for both days.

"All four riders challenged themselves, rode their best, and had a great weekend riding as a Clarkston's Junior Equestrian team," said Coach Jill Leek.