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My Way
The spirit of the Lone Ranger is alive and well

by CJ Carnacchio

June 19, 2013

The Lone Ranger is still out there and I have proof.

When I arrived at work on the morning of Friday, June 14, a very special surprise was waiting for me.

Someone had slipped through the Leaderís mail slot a bag of homemade chocolate candies shaped and packaged as silver bullets; a stack of fliers urging folks to donate to Oxford/Orion FISH and the Kids Town activity area at the Aug. 3 Celebrate Lone Ranger festival; and an envelope with my name on it.

When I opened the envelope, there was a Texas Ranger badge, $100 in cash and a letter, which stated:


While it is wonderful to enjoy movie premieres and statues (dedicated) to an icon of truth, justice and doing what it is right, fair and just, we must never lose sight of what really matters Ė our children and our neighbors that are in need. For our future depends on what we do here and now for them.

Please forward this $100 cash donation equally to Oxford/Orion FISH and to the Kids Town Event.

Please also pass on the attached fliers as I deputize you as a fellow Texas Ranger. (Badge enclosed, donít draw blood putting it on.)

Thank you and Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!

The Lone Ranger

P.S. The silver bullets in the pouch attached are chocolate and will not kill you. (That is, of course, if you do not eat them ALL.) Enjoy.

I certainly got a kick out of all this. It was fun and it just made me feel good inside Ė like a kid.

It demonstrated to me that the spirit of the Lone Ranger, which is basically the spirit of helping others, is indeed alive and well in Oxford. Thatís nice to see. Itís also nice to see someone doing good works anonymously with no expectation of reward, publicity or personal gain.

To whoever did this, thank you very much.

You not only made my day, you made my week.

P.S. Your donation has been distributed as requested and I absolutely love the badge. Iíll wear it with pride.


There are some other thank-yous Iíd like to pass along.

Thank you to Oxford Bank and Enbridge, Inc. for donating $2,500 and $5,000, respectively, to the Lone Ranger activities.

Oxford Bank President/CEO James Bess and Enbridge Spokesman Jason Manshum could not have been more accommodating or supportive when I talked to them about sponsoring the July 2 movie sneak preview/statue fund-raiser. I truly appreciate their help and generosity.

Iíd also like to thank the Country Smoke House in Almont for helping my wife, Connie, provide a wonderful main course last week for the free meals program she cooks for at Oxford United Methodist Church.

A few months ago, the Country Smoke House had some particularly meaty country ribs on sale for the low price of $1.29 per pound.

The sale had a limit of 6 pounds per customer.

When my wife explained to Smoke House staff what she needed the ribs for, they sold her 28 pounds at the sale price, enabling her to feed about 40 hungry folks a delicious, protein-rich meal for $36.

Thank you Country Smoke House for lending a helping hand to fill some local stomachs.