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Letter to the Editor
'Pedaling' error no piddling matter to reader

June 26, 2013

Dear Editor,

Upon reading the headline “Peddling deputy” in the June 19 Clarkston News, I was shocked.

So I got my dictionary out and checked the definition of the word “peddling.” One is “small, trifling, piddling.” I do not feel that the job the officer will be doing to be small, trifling, or piddling.

I think a better spelling choice would have been “pedaling,” alternate spelling, “pedalling.” Dictionary definition, “of or pertaining to a pedal, perhaps a bicycle, to move or operate by moving pedals.”

Maybe I’m just too picky to have noticed this. No offense to the author because without looking it up I would have thought peddling was to sell stuff.

Carol Ridgeway

Independence Township