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MME, ACT scores improve for Goodrich students

by David Fleet

June 26, 2013

The Michigan Department of Education released Michigan Merit Exam and American College Testing scores for the graduating class of 2014 on Monday.

According to the MDE statewide results, the average composite ACT score increased slightly to 19.7 (out of a possible 36), up from 19.6 last year . The percentage of students deemed college-ready, based on the ACT is up from 17.7 percent in 2012 to 18.1 percent in 2013.

The ACT scores for Goodrich students increased over the 2012 scores by about 1 percent in each of the four categories in addition to the composite score. The Goodrich MME scores were higher than last year and topped the state averages in every category except social studies, where the percent proficient dipped below the state average and the 2012 score.

The MME scores determine high school juniors’ proficiency in math, science, reading, writing and social studies across the state. The ACT scores measure high school students’ general educational development and their capability to complete college-level courses covering four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science.

“I’m happy with these scores,” said Scott Bogner, district superintendent. “While the scores are solid, our work has just begun. What we do with these scores really makes the biggest impact on our students. The scores give us information on what we are doing right and wrong. It provides a road map for the future. It’s necessary that our kids are doing well and we replicate the results from year to year.”

Bogner said that while Goodrich has scored well above the state and Genesee school district averages, it’s not a race with other districts.

“I want our staff to be focusing on what these scores are indicating about the students. The scores are an opportunity for our kids’ futures. Especially the ACT scores, where millions in scholarships for college can be gained. I would like the staff to start working on ACT-type questions in the seventh grade so by by the time they are seniors they will be comfortable with the questions.”

“As a district we can use the score numbers to help students create a plan for the future,” he said. “Learn where they fall down and where they succeed. I’m not happy with dropping 1 percent per subject next year.”

“We have the kids and staff to continue to consistently grow.”

According to the MME results, Goodrich made significant improvements in math with a 9 percent increase in proficiency, science was also up 9 percent and writing jumped 10 percent.

In the ACT scores, the largest jump was in English, up 1.4. Reading was up 1.2 and science also up 1.2.

“Not only do we look to where kids are falling down, but also the successes,” he added.


Math Goodrich GISD-wide

2013 20.3 18.7

2012 18.7 18.9


2013 20.8 18.9

2012 19.6 18.9


2013 20.6 17.8

2012 19.2 17.9


2013 21.3 19.6

2012 20.1 19.4


2013 20.8 18.9

2012 19.7 18.9


Math Goodrich State-wide

2013 37 29

2012 28 27


2013 60 54

2012 59 53


2013 34 26

2012 25 26

Social Studies

2013 39 48

2012 41 41


2013 66 49

2012 56 47