Source: Sherman Publications

Step up to the Brandon Warrior Warm-up

by David Fleet

July 03, 2013

Just ten obstacles, 3.1 miles, and plenty of mud.

“It’s unique, challenging and fun,” said Fred Waybrant, Brandon Parks and Recreation director. “The Brandon Warrior Warm-up is a great way to prepare for other races this summer right here in our community.”

From mud pits to swamp crossings to a wicked wall, the second annual Brandon Warrior Warm-up on July 13 at the Brandon Township Community Park, 1414 North Hadley Road, provides plenty of action. Hosted by the Brandon Township Parks and Recreation and the Brandon Community Park Club, participants can register at Proceeds will help fund park development for new baseball fields.

“There’s an 8-foot wall with a rope and a new water crossing,” said Waybrant. “Contestants don’t have to run or sprint, some even walk the course. It’s just a lot of fun and work out for even the most fit contestant.”

Waybrant said the race is not only for the competitive athlete it’s also about the mental aspect.

“There’s upper body strength needed to climb the ropes and a good sense of balance in the log jam area,” he said. “But if you are in decent shape, the obstacles should not be too much trouble. Many people bring a change of clothes, don’t wear anything new and are prepared to get wet, muddy, and have a good workout. It’s not like anything else you’ll do. Just go out there and have fun, the environment is exciting and the race is unlike any other.”

Brandon Township resident Larry Malan, 48, donned hunting boots, entered the 2012 Brandon Warrior Warm-up, and completed the race in 40.09.

“I’m an ex-smoker who had just started running about a year ago,” said Malan. “The race was tougher than I expected and the running section was rough, but I have weak ankles so that’s why I wore the boots. I’d do the race again, but not with the boots. I made it by all the obstacles and the warm up really prepared me for the Warrior Dash—I did great.”

“My advice, try the warm-up and check out the chicken legs after the race, they’re awesome.”