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Peeking In The Past
A Look Back From The CNews archives

July 10, 2013

15 years ago - 1998

“Road improvements planned for Clarkston”

Michigan Department of Transportation approved several road improvements in Clarkston. Slated for improvement was M-15, north of Clarkston to 1-75 and the Dixie Highway and White Lake intersection.

A previous traffic survey concluded that over 56,000 vehicles traveled through Clarkston each week. Improvements included a left turn arrow for the southbound on M-15 at Clarkston Road, a reconfiguration and extra lane added to M-15 between Miller Road and the 1-75 and a left turn arrow for the White lake Road and Dixie Highway intersection.

25 years ago - 1988

“Driver stabbed”

A 23-year-old Flint man was stabbed on 1-75 near Sashabaw in Clarkston. The driver had been traveling down 1-75 when he ran out of gas. After stopping on the side of the road, the man flagged down a passerby and asked him for gas money.

According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s, another driver pulled over, accused the man of tailgating, stabbed him in the stomach and then sped away.

The Sheriff traced the suspect through his license plate number. The man was expected to make a full recovery.

50 years ago - 1963

“Chief issues appeal”

Police Chief Robert Phillips appealed to residents to support President Kennedy’s Youth Empowerment and Conservation Bill.

“Provisions in this legislation provide a practical means of attacking the high school drop-out problem and the juvenile delinquency associated with that problem.”

The act provided training and work for youths ages 16 through 21. Participants were provided lodging and 60 dollars in wages a month.