Source: Sherman Publications

Local to compete in Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals Motocross Race

by Susan Bromley

July 10, 2013

Chris Williams believes motocross is a very dangerous sport.

He knows firsthand—the 2013 Brandon High School graduate suffered a back injury as well as a concussion at the beginning of the season this spring.

Williams, 17, overcame his injuries however, and during Baja Acres regional competition two weeks ago in Birch Run, took second place and qualified for the Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals Motocross Race, to be held July 27-Aug. 4 in Hurricane Hills, Tenn. He explains that he will be competing against the best 42 racers from around the country. The top seven racers from each of six regionals nationwide qualify for the Loretta Lynn race.

“This will be my first time in national competition,” said Williams. “I expect to not fall and to win.”

The winner of six state titles in the past three years has been racing motocross for the past 11 years and has won six state titles in the past three years. At the national race, he will compete in the 450 C class, which refers to the size of the bike. He is an alternate for the 250 C class.

Williams began riding when he was 3-years-old.

“It keeps my mind busy—I’m always thinking while on the bike,” he said. “If I had the opportunity, I would ride for hours and hours every day. It’s almost impossible to be bored on a motorcycle, no matter what you’re doing. ”

In the past, he considered each race his practice as he was unable to ride without his parents being home because of safety reasons. Now he is beginning to train on his own and riding while wearing a hoodie and hat in temperatures exceeding 80 degrees in order to acclimate to hotter temperatures. He expects temperatures to be 95 degrees at a minimum during the national race.

“The race is not just any race, it’s a race to put your ability to the test against everyone else from the top riders in the country,” said Williams. “The conditions are intense. The competition wants to win, wants to know they are the best in the country, and I do, too.”