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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin
Get help early

by Andrea Beaudoin

July 31, 2013

As beautiful as humanity can be-it can equally ugly - but these kinds of things must be talked about.

I know this girl who was severely sexually abused for quite some time as a child by her motherís boyfriend. The man was sentenced on the girlís birthday to 40-60 years in prison, but the worst part for the girl was yet to come.

In an article in a large publication, at the manís sentencing the reporter documented the mother telling the judge, ďI just want him to get help and come home.Ē Thatís right, the mother stood by the manís side. Even though the mother was not married to the man when he was convicted, she married him while he was in prison.

Each week for two years after the sentencing, the girl was forced to accompany her mother to Jackson Prison, a very scary place for an 11-12 year-old. Some of the things she saw while visiting the prison she would like to forget. In one of those visits, the perpetrator and the mother got married, the victim sat and watched the ceremony.

The man wrote the girl letters, and had similar types of prison friends write her letters too. He signed the letters, ďdad.Ē Behind closed doors the mother blamed the girl for what happened, and would call her every nasty name a girl could be called.

As you can imagine the girl grew to not trust others, and was also emotionally detached.

She never received counseling for several ordeals, which are far too many to be explained here. She ignored her feelings for a long time, and she pretended it didnít bother her much. As she grew older she realized the wounds she always tried to ignore were much deeper than she knew. Still she remembers how he threatened to kill her, or chased her through the woods, or all the other bad things. Memories that would never fade.

The girl has a message to others who have faced similar circumstances. Donít wait until you are older to seek help. If you do it will damage your life in ways you can never imagine. It effects everything - every relationship, connections to people close to you and the connection you have to yourself.

Get help while young or things like these will keep hurting you.