Source: Sherman Publications

Treasurers deny assessing recommendation

July 31, 2013

Independence Township Treasurer Paul Brown and Assessor Kristen Sieloff said the article "Assessing talks" on page 4 in last week's Clarkston News was incorrect – neither recommended the City of the Village of Clarkston contract with Oakland County for assessing services.

Information in the article quoted a report from Clarkston City Manager Carol Eberhardt to the City Council, July 22. It regarded assessing services and contracting with Independence Township.

“After our last council meeting, I received an e-mail from Pat Kittle (township supervisor) asking I contact their assessing department to see if they could compete with the cost that Oakland County charges the city,” Eberhardt said in the report. "Both Independence Township assessor and treasurer recommended we stay with the county."

Brown said he has not looked into the issue enough yet to make a decision.

Eberhardt said the discussions occurred before she was hired last April, so she doesn't know for sure who the city talked to.

"The discussion was about a year, year and a half ago with the old treasurer, not the current one," she said. "The meeting was with the treasurer and the assessor and Dennis (Ritter, former city manager)."

Curt Carson, who was township treasurer at that time, said he doesn't remember having the discussion and also never recommended the city contract with the county.

-Andrea Beaudoin