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Peeking In The Past
A Look Back From The CNews archives

August 07, 2013

15 years ago - 1998

“Fire guts home”

A fire destroyed a home on Perry Lake Road. The fire was the third major house fire in a month and completely destroyed the home. It took firefighters two hours to get the fire under control. After fire fighters got the fire under control it somehow started back up and gutted the remainder of the home.

25 years ago - 1988

“False alarm”

A group of four teenage boys were caught causing a series of false fire alarms at an apartment building in Clarkston. The boys were using an emergency phone at a pool at the apartments to make the calls. Throughout the week the boys made the calls and would just hang up or push the buttons and make noises. At one point a teen called in saying there was a fire. “When we got the calls, we’re hurrying,” said Independence Fire Chief Gar Wilson. The chief estimated each call cost the department between $600 and $1000. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and the boys parents talked to them. The chief said he was confident the issue was resolved.

50 years ago - 1963

“Puny Peaches”

A certain type of peaches that were usually used for canning called clingstones and freestones were down one percent in production from the year before. Although the canned type peach crop was lower than usual, the fresh peach crop was plentiful for shoppers.

“Boy Injured”

Earl Brendle, a 12-year-old that was injured in a boating accident remained hospitalized after an accident on a local lake in which the boy panicked and dove off a log right into the path of an oncoming boat. The boy was expected to survive.