Source: Sherman Publications

Rock group helps Lighthouse

August 07, 2013

A group of local girls raised $815 during a sale they called “Rock it up for Lighthouse”. The girls sold the rocks on August 2 and 3 first during a visit from Channel 95.5 at the Clarkston Union and then in front of Rudy’s Market in downtown Clarkston.

The rocks were hand painted with the names of various businesses in town. The money will be donated to Lighthouse of Oakland County in Clarkston, an organization that helps provides assistance to people needing help with food, housing, clothing and other emergency assistance.

Spearheaded by Independence Elementary student Claire Kirchner, the 8-year-old said she started the fundraiser for people that need help.

Kirchner and a group of her closest friends passed out flyers and asked local businesses for support before creating the rocks.

–Andrea Beaudoin