Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to Editor: Angry over hit-and-run

August 07, 2013

This letter is for the woman who hit a precious pet and family member Tia, a black Labrador Retriever. Tia ran into the road on Lakeville between Hosner and Lake George Rd. on Saturday, July 27 at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Two eyewitnesses reported this event and that you, the driver of this car, also saw the dog Tia, who was thrown approximately 60 feet upon impact.

A sad accident, for sure, and one which could happen to anyone. This is understood.

What I do not understand is why this person did not stop to check the dog and possibly get her help? You left a helpless, domesticated, much loved pet to suffer and possibly die from her injuries.

It is only because of one of the two eyewitnesses who stopped and took Tia to a vet immediately that she is alive and on pain medication while she heals. If not for this woman, Tia's family would be suffering even more, wondering with sadness where Tia was? Why did Tia not return home? Was Tia safe or harmed?

Her family has now had a week of sleepless nights, worry, and stress over the vet bills.

They continue to be awakened through the night and on call around the clock to assist Tia with her needs as she tries to recover from her injuries.

I am shaming you for not stopping to help this poor animal. I hope as you have your car repaired and continue on with your daily life that you remember Tia and her family and wonder.

I sincerely hope that if anything ever happens to a loving member of your family that you are blessed to have a decent human being care enough to help. Shame.

Kristen Hulbert