Source: Sherman Publications

City plans $2,500 in renovations

August 14, 2013

Clarkston plans to clean up and renovate City Hall's office and Department of Public Works (DPW) garage.

“One of the primary concerns of the office staff, when I interviewed them after I was hired, was the condition of the office. Together we worked out a new floor plan and a procedure to clear the office of all outdated material,” said City Manager Carol Eberhardt.

In addition to cleaning out records, Eberhardt said the staff will follow State of Michigan retention policy to clear City Hall of outdated records no longer valid or accurate. The office will also be painted with paint donated by from former City Manager Dennis Ritter. Eberhardt estimates the cost of renovations will be $2,500.

City Council approved the project, Aug. 12, with Councilman Richard Bisio voting “no.”

Clarkston resident Cory Johnston said there are better uses for the money, such as providing citizens better access to information.

“Information is still not available on the city web site even though thousands of dollars are paid out every year to keep it operating,” he said.

– Andrea Beaudoin