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Andrea's Anecdotes
Animals are special

by Andrea Beaudoin

August 21, 2013

Animals are special

Animals are far more sensitive, intelligent and intuitive than we know.

I live deep in the woods in a pretty hidden area, but I keep getting random animals visitors.

This past winter I was feeling pretty down and out---when I heard a bark at the door. A dog was there outside the door wagging his tail like he had known me forever. He was a mix of a Rottweiler and Labrador.

The dog would bark at the door until I came outside. He seemed to come over at the right times and get me out walking and playing with him-or looking for his family.

Last time I saw Jack the dog, was the very minute I was headed for the Clarkston News determined to work here. Jack stood in the driveway and chased me down the road for like a mile, but that was the last time I ever saw him.

I had something similar happen when I was younger.

I was feeling alone, I guess, and I was pulling into my street when the shiniest prettiest black dog (again a lab) stood in front of my car and would not move.

I honked tried to go around him-he was not moving out of my way. I opened the door and said, “Come on move boy,” and as soon as I did he jumped in my car.

It was freezing that night, so I sat in my car with my new found friend, sang him songs and talked to him for quite a long time as he warmed up.

I was sure as soon as I opened the car door, the black beautiful dog would take off, but nope he followed me up to the door.

Then he followed me into the house. I took him to work with me driving around for like two days.

Then one day he and I made it home—out the door he went never to be seen again.

Now, I have a cat I call Rag Tag—who just had babies. She was very scared of us at first, but now she rubs all over our legs when we come outside to pet her. We have a long driveway and she sits at the end near the dirt road in the middle of the driveway like a guardian. She lives somewhere in the woods because I see her walking a ways down the dirt road to come to our house.

I can’t understand how people have a heart to hurt animals. Things like bull fighting, boiling lobsters alive, etc. are disgusting and unforgivable.