Source: Sherman Publications

Hello and goodbye in Brandon as district prepares for new year

by Susan Bromley

August 21, 2013

Brandon Twp.- Coming, going, returning.

During their Aug. 19 meeting, the school board said hello to three new district staffmembers, goodbye to seven, and welcome back to two more.

The board approved the resignations of social worker Carol Elly, speech pathologist Ellen Zerafa, and teachers Mike Medvinsky, Jennifer Smith, MaryBeth Spicer, Jamie Wagner, and Jason Zbanek. All have taken positions elsewhere.

Elementary teachers Kathy Lozier and Jennifer O’Connor were called back to work after being pink-slipped this spring as part of budget cuts.

Three new employees were officially hired at the board meeting— social worker Jennifer Carpus, special education teacher Gina Ruffini, and Angela Enck, who will teach math and science at Brandon High School.

Superintendent Lorrie McMahon said the district will hire to fill more positions, including a new music teacher after the loss of Medvinsky, who was the 2012 Oakland County Outstanding Teacher of the Year. Medvinsky was also among the final four candidates for the Michigan Teacher of the Year.

McMahon noted Brandon teachers often reside elsewhere and move on to work in other districts that are closer to their homes. They may also take positions in districts that have higher state foundation allowances and pay better salaries. Last month, the board here approved a 7.5 percent wage cut for Brandon Education Association employees due to budget concerns.

“I’m sorry we lose employees, but we do hire well and I am excited for the new people we have coming in,” McMahon said.