Source: Sherman Publications

Leadership students organize party for kids in park

by Andrea Beaudoin

August 28, 2013

Fun, food and games for a good cause filled Depot Park in downtown Clarkston, Aug. 21.

Kids from THINK, Teachers Helping Individuals Navigate Knowledge, spent the summer learning a variety of subjects from reading and math to science to leadership.

The program provides summer camps and courses as well as tutoring by certified teachers throughout the school year.

The Aug. 21 event was organized by kids in THINK's Leadership Program to raise money for a good cause.

Visitors enjoyed food like barbeque pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs and lemonade from Brett’s BBQ. Culver’s also served guest some ice-cream.

Nate and Kelly Fuller, both teachers, started the Think Program because of a mutually shared love of knowledge and learning. Teacher Cindy Pyscher also shares Nate and Kelly’s passion for teaching and creating lessons for THINK.

Nate said he is passionate about teaching kids skills like leadership and team building. “It’s also important to get kids involved in the community,” he said.

Both Nate and Kelly served to guide students while they organized the fundraiser. To decide what they would raise money for, the students had a discussion and agreed on what project they wanted to take on.

Will Pospy, a student in THINK said his teachers helped his class learn to make phone calls and organize the fundraiser. “All of us got together and talked about what we should do,” he said.

“They planned the whole thing, made calls to vendors and did a lot of research,” Kelly said proudly. “Then they told us what they were passionate about and the kids love Depot Park so they wanted to raise money and put handicap accessible items in.”

Pospy said he really enjoyed being in Think this year.

“All the teachers are really nice,” he smiled. “I learned a lot of math, science, how to be independent and how to be a leader.”

As for the fundraiser, Pospy said he believes it’s important to help others.

Emily Pyscher said it was a lot of fun getting prepared to raise money.

“Now that it’s here were really excited.” She added that asking the Clarkston City Council if they could host the event in Depot Park really taught her a lot about how a city operates. “We had to ask permission to have it here,” she said.

Andrew Herrma said he really enjoyed learning how to raise money.

Pyscher said the event raised $600 so far, but the true total is still being tallied as donations are still coming in.

“Some people have called us and said they could not come, but they still want to send us a donation,” said Pyscher.

She added that the kids and teachers will hold another meeting to decide what to do with the money they raised which could include handicap accessible picnic tables or a drinking fountain for Depot Park.

For more information on THINK summer classes or tutoring offered by certified teachers, visit their website at or call Cindy at 248-343-6393.