Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to Editor: Trail user wants ‘missing link’ filled

August 28, 2013

Bicycling and walking around Oxford has never been easier and more convenient than it is since the trails have been added. I can bicycle all around town now. It is good, healthy exercise and saves wear and tear on the car.

The missing link is from Oxford to the vast array of trails in Orion. Presently, one can ride in the roads of Indianwood, Heights or Clarkston from the Polly Ann Trail to Orion.

Obviously, this is very dangerous.

The only other route is to go from Drahner along M24. I usually ride through Uncle Boombas station along the west side of M24 weaving in and out of the business parking lots. Once I get to Moon road I have to ride along the shoulder of M24 with traffic speeding by at 55-miles-per-hour or more.

When I get to the township border I cross over M24 to the east side where I can use the Orion trail system.

Crossing M24 is extremely dangerous.

From there I can ride anywhere in Lake Orion all the way to Home Depot safely on their trails.

If the business owners along the east side of M24 would give the township permission to pave a trail from the border to W. Drahner road where the old railroad track used to be, there would be no missing link.

I understand one business owner will not cooperate. I urge him, for the safety of our citizens, to please reconsider.

Gary D. Oliver