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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin
No war in Syria

September 11, 2013

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Elected leaders seem to forget who they work for. It seems Americans have been doing their job writing their representatives and telling them no to a strike on Syria.

I wonder how many will listen. It’s unbelievable if elected officials who represent us do not listen to the American people, and vote yes to this conflict.

I know how I will vote in the next election if the leaders who are supposed to represent me vote “yes.”

I have looked online, read comments on all the stories and talked to a lot of people about the issue and the opposition is heavy. I conducted a People Poll last week, and every single person I asked said no to a strike on Syria-all of them.

In Iraq and Afghanistan the US spent billions of dollars and thousands of American soldiers were lost. Hundreds of thousands of civilians in those countries died too. All that money and lives spent in Iraq, and guess what- Iraq just issued a statement saying they oppose any strike on Syria. Now if Iraq gets involved in the conflict, the US could be fighting against the very army we trained and equipped. History repeats itself again!

I also have a problem with a term used when describing our soldiers.

When I hear the term boots on the ground-I see faces-and I think of a stories. I think about a story I wrote about William Kleinedler, a soldier from Swartz Creek who was almost killed when his Humvee hit an explosive device. He suffered severe burns on 12 percent of his body, and four of his fellow soldiers died. I remember a kid I knew when I was younger, now a paraplegic, whose life is forever changed.

I remember the story I read of Clarkston’s Jenna Beno.

I see stories that may never be told if these “boots on the ground” never come home.

I imagine myself on the battlefield facing gunfire and explosions, sweaty, scared and unsure if I will live to see another day. I find these thoughts absolutely terrifying, and I cannot imagine the guts it would take to engage in war.

These “boots on the ground” have faces, lives and families. US strikes will destroy countless innocent lives in Syria too.