Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the Editor
Thanks for community support for Labor Day picnic

September 11, 2013

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank all who made the Labor Day Picnic in Depot Park a great success.

Friends of the Library and the library staff gave away free popcorn, Rudy’s Market free hot dogs, etc. Jeannie and Don Frayer supplied $25 worth of pennies for the Penny Scramble.

Judith Hoddinott did free silhouettes, Independence Township Fire Department brought a great fire engine out.

Doc Dewey brought his incredible calliope and played and played. The historical society supplied the candy prizes and the great array of clothing for the suitcase relay.

We had great volunteers for the penny scramble, three legged race, sack race, suitcase relay, and the tug of war.

Eric Haven, Richard Bisio, Mike Sabol, Tom Ryan, and Steve Hargis furnished the Cook’s Ice Cream treats.

Many hands made a fantastic event.

Our deer appreciation to all that helped to make the picnic so much fun.

Mark your calendar for next year!

Thanks abound,

Jim and Gini Schultz