Source: Sherman Publications

Reminder on school bus safety

September 11, 2013

A Clarkston bus driver recently called The Clarkston News with a simple request for local drivers – stop running her flashing red lights.

“I’ve had at least 20 people running the lights,” said the driver, who asked that her name not be used. “People need a reminder.”

A Facebook inquiry showed others shared her experience.

“I had a SUV go around and pass about five cars on the right side of the road at a bus stop were I just picked up 15 children,” responded Tina Hopson Fay. “Thank God I had just safely picked them up! Please slow down and use caution around school buses.”

“We had a crazy lady go around the bus into oncoming traffic to get around the bus while kids were loading,” wrote Amy Thompson-Williams. “That was just one time. One reason my kids don’t ride the bus anymore, it’s not safe.”

“At least one car has blown past our school bus while the red lights are flashing every morning and every afternoon since school started,” said Lisa Damone. “People need to slow down and pay attention before someone gets hit.”

Deputies monitor bus stops on patrol, and will investigate reports from citizens, said Sgt. Larry Sage, Oakland County Sheriff’s Independence Township substation.

A ticket for failure to stop for a school bus means three points against a driver’s record and $250 fine. Twelve or more points in two years means reexamination by the Secretary of State.

– Phil Custodio