Source: Sherman Publications

Special patrols on the streets

by Andrea Beaudoin

September 25, 2013

Truckers aren't the only drivers feeling the heat. A special unit has been out enforcing road regulations for all traffic in downtown Clarkston.

Oakland County Sheriff Commander Lt. Dirk Feneley said the unit, called Saturated Patrol, is funded through a state grant.

“The unit patrols different communities in Oakland County that are having issues with traffic control,” said Feneley. “If there is trouble with traffic issues in the community, the unit will saturate the area.”

Feneley requested the special unit after talking to Clarkston City Manager Carol Eberhardt about traffic in downtown Clarkston. The unit can also provide other types of law enforcement, such as looking out for vandalism in local parks.

“Lt. Feneley goes above and beyond and always comes to see me and asks if there is anything the city needs,” said Eberhardt.

She said several streets in the community have traffic and safety issues.

“Thank goodness they are here,” said Eberhardt. “Kudos to the Oakland County Sheriff Department for getting deputies out here and I am hoping they can slow down traffic.”

Eberhardt said several streets have serious speeding and traffic issues, including Holcomb Road.

“The speed limit on that road in 35 miles per hour and then it drops to 25, and people go 50 on the road,” she said. “It’s dangerous.”

Eberhardt said she gets complaints from concerned homeowners asking the city about traffic violations and speeding issues.

The unit, who are officers working on overtime, will rotate through problem communities and saturate areas until the grant money runs dry, Feneley said.

The patrol has been going on for the last month, he said.