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My Way
A little of this, a little of that

by CJ Carnacchio

October 02, 2013

Oct. 1 certainly was a great day.

Archery deer season opened and the federal government shut down. Yay!

Itís like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. If I suddenly win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Lagavulin distillery on the Scottish island of Islay, Iíll know Iím dreaming Ė or Ron Swanson.

My only question is do I get to deduct the shutdown days from my income tax? We get discounts on our bills when the cable TV goes out and when the newspaper isnít delivered. Why should I pay income tax for those days when the federal government was shut down?


Kudos and heartfelt thanks to Oxford Village Councilman Elgin Nichols for resurrecting the idea of giving village residents a vote regarding dispatch services. See the story on Page 1.

Choice isnít something to fear or stifle.

Choice is something we should all embrace because itís a fundamental part of what makes living in America an exceptional experience.

Only those who fear the answer oppose asking the question. Only those who lack confidence in their position fear the ballot box.

I refuse to be governed by a handful of people who fear and deny my right to choose.


One of the things that bugs me most in life is wasted potential. I canít stand it when people with intelligence and talent have absolutely no drive or direction in life.

Todayís shiftless youth are tomorrowís middle-aged drains on society. Itís amazing how quickly Ďall the time in the worldí runs out.


Congratulations to the Oxford Village Council for conducting a meeting last week that only lasted three hours.

They managed to shave off an entire hour.

Who says government is not efficient?


During a budget workshop meeting last week, Oxford Township Trustee Jack Curtis made a humorous remark about the township buying the village and running it.

I donít think itís funny.

I think itís a fantastic idea.

When it comes to finances, the townshipís management is much more sound, efficient and practical.

Thereís no missing $20,594 in property tax funds in the township. There are no cash-strapped entities under the townshipís umbrella. The township isnít one potentially-successful ex-employee lawsuit away from having its cash reserves wiped out.

Actually, the more I think about it, I canít see why the township would want to buy the village.

That would be like purchasing a burning house thatís sitting on quicksand and is right in the path of a tornado thatís five minutes away. Did I mention the haunted Indian burial ground in the backyard?


I think we need a new national holiday.

It will be called ďNational Mind Your Own Business Day.Ē Weíll celebrate it by living our own lives and not trying to control or meddle in other peopleís affairs.

If it goes well, we could try celebrating it every day.