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Teen builds food pantries for Love INC honoring grandfather

by Meg Peters

October 02, 2013

Alex Leh is following right in his grandfather’s footsteps.

At 16 years old, he is an honor student at LOHS, marches full time for the band, and contributes much of his other time to community service projects.

His last project in particular was dedicated to his grandfather Dick Sullivan.

Leh built two six-foot-tall pantries for Love In the Name of Christ, or Love INC, a community service organization that helps the needy from Oakland County to Kenya.

The pantries will sit in the basement of the St. Mary’s Episcopal Church on Joslyn Rd. next to Canterbury Village, and will help feed anyone who needs food in an emergency situation. It’s not just a walk-in food pantry; please call Love INC to obtain a voucher or set up a time to pick up emergency food.

Leh completed the project as part of becoming an Eagle Scout, making his grandmother Marj Sullivan extremely proud. Sullivan serves as the liaison between St. Mary’s and Love INC, and helped Leh make the pantry project a reality.

“We were pretty close, so having his name on it (the pantry) just felt good,” Leh said.

Dick Sullivan was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, ocular melanoma, in the spring of 2012, and passed away September 20, 2012.

He was a tireless volunteer with Love INC, worked in the Clearinghouse office, and was on the board of directors.

Leh’s pantry in honor of his grandfather had a dedication ceremony September 30. He will now go under review for Troop 186 at St. Joe’s that will decide if he gets his Eagle Scout number to become a national Eagle Scout.

Lake Orion United Methodist Church donated the first round of food for the pantry, and all other donators can contact St. Mary’s Church or Love INC to give non-perishable items.

Call Sandy Weaver at 248-693-HELP for further information.