Source: Sherman Publications

Fall race for students

October 16, 2013

The weather was perfect for the 11th Annual Elementary Race at Clarkston High School last Friday.

It was also the perfect day for Bailey Lake Elementary as they won the team trophy for the fourth consecutive year by having the highest percentage of participants from their school. They had 22.5 percent of their students in the race.

Finishing in first place for the boys Kindergarten through second grade half mile race was first grader John Kaul from Pine Knob Elementary, finishing in 3:14.7. Bailey Lake Elementary second grader Macie Moscovic led the girls, finishing in first place at 3:15.

Bulldog Jacob Murray, a fourth grader from Bailey Lake, led the boys third through fifth grade one mile run. He finished at 6:01.2.

Mackenzie Montagano, a fourth grader from Clarkston Elementary led the girls, finishing in first place at 6:54.2.

This year they had 377 total runners in the race, shattering the old record of 216 participants.