Source: Sherman Publications

Goodwill Ambassador is a twofer

October 16, 2013

By Katie Winkler

Review Staff Writer

Lake Orion’s Allison Stanley was selected to represent the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) as their Michigan Goodwill Ambassador.

She was notified at the end of last year about her recognition for this year’s ambassador after submitting an essay.

She was also the Grand Marshall for the Homecoming Parade, a two-for-one deal.

Allison was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at age eight and since then has developed another form of MD: Charcot Marie Tooth. Since receiving the news about her disease, she has partaken in various fundraisers to help raise money and awareness for MD.

“She did the Big Muscle Walk and raised $5,200,” mother, Christine Stanley said. “The walk was around Ford Field, which is about a mile. Also she’s done the Fill the Boot Campaigns and various events in Oakland County. She has participated in numerous speaking engagements, as far as a couple of different golf outings to speak on behalf of MDA.”

But the biggest event that Allison partakes in is the MDA Lock-ups. These events, which are normally held at restaurants in the downtown Detroit area, work with the MDA to raise money.

“People come and have to donate a certain amount,” Allison said. “The amount is usually around $800. So people will get on their phones, call people and raise money. They will ‘ding’ a bell whenever they get an amount.”

Not only has Allison helped raise money for people suffering from MD like herself, she is involved at her school, Carpenter Elementary, which was part of the MDA’s decision to choose her for the title.

On top of being a straight-A fifth grader, she is a part of the elementary schools honor choir (DS2 choir) and works with student council to help with fundraising.

“[Student Council] helped me with fundraisers and sometimes I like to horseback ride, sing and be active. It’s helping me for horseback riding, I have scoliosis so it helps my back so much that it will almost make it straight again,”

Allison, who is now ten years old, was overwhelmed when she heard the

news that she was going to be Michigan’s Goodwill Ambassador.

Her hard work has paid off, but that doesn’t mean she will stop working hard. Allison is determined to help others with MD and prepares for the next Lock-Up event.

“It feels like you’re scared and kind of nervous but you’re excited and happy at the same time,” she said.