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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin
Energy never dies

October 23, 2013

As a kid I would lie in bed at night and think what if there was nothing. No people, no earth, no stars, no sun nor moon in the sky.

Strolling through town on assignment one day, I asked passerby’s of their strange theories. One fellow responded, “I worry there is no heaven.”

Next question, “What happens when we die?”

Modern minds propose perplexing theories. For instance, “The String Theory” with which very strange things are possible---even likely. Multiple dimensions, multiple scenarios and multiple you’s and I’s wandering the universe.

Strange things are plentiful.

Like sleepers who have lucid dreams. These souls know they are dreaming -- visiting another “plane” -- a place of learning.

How do they get there?

Imagine feeling yourself fall asleep and feel yourself entering a tunnel. Strange is the vibration as you feel yourself come out of your body and flow into a dream. When you know you’re dreaming all things are possible, grand, beautiful--real.

Recognizing a dream and returning via a beam of light. That’s really something.

I love strange stuff. I imagine other planets contain life we cannot see because their physical laws are beyond our senses. Perhaps another form of life is right here amongst us, but again we lack the senses to see.

During one of my Googlefest’s, I read stories of near death experiences. Described as realer than a dream—and sensing things unexplainable-most who’ve experienced NDE’s—live--never again fearing death.

They sensed their maker, and know in their soul, such a force is real.

I believe all things are possible in our stranger than fiction and more than mysterious universe.

Much goes on we cannot see, but is real like--radio waves. Intuition cannot be proven, but have it or know someone that has it, and you know it exists.

It happens to some.

Just as boiling water transforms to steam, the soul is destined for something great. From a solid state to vapor, perhaps leaving this placed called earth-we travel the speed of light to everything beautiful in our hearts and minds.

Imagine your heaven-to each his own-a place we go I’m certain.

Energy never dies- it merely transforms. That is a scientific fact which leads me to believe--that death-death is like a dream.