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Big bucks for burrito
Votes needed for Sadie’s Southwest Breakfast Burrito

by David Fleet

October 23, 2013

Goodrich-An 8-year-old Oaktree Elementary third grade student is cooking up a burrito that could be worth cash.

In the early morning hours of Oct.17— Sadie Wisner, along with her mother Dawn, about 70 classmates, and school officials gathered at the Oaktree gymnasium for a demonstration of what will hopefully be the right ingredients to win $30,000 for the school plus $15,000 for her family.

Wisner is a top contender in the Uncle Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest. About 500 youth nationwide submitted three minute videos demonstrating cooking skills and recipes which incorporated Uncle Ben’s rice.

On Oct. 6, Sadie, assisted by mom and brother Dylan, 12, who served as cameraman, submitted a video of the creation of Sadie’s Southwest Breakfast Burrito.

“I was just trying to find something fun to do as a family when I stumbled on to the Uncle Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest,” said Dawn. “I know how much Sadie likes to cook and she’s always out in the kitchen helping me make supper.”

“We had a total of 30 minutes of video, so Dylan had to edit it down to three minutes,” she said. “We all worked on the production, but really just let the kids do the video— so it’s pretty much their work.”

Voting started on Oct. 9. Voters can go to:

The greater number of online votes wins. The deadline is midnight Oct. 27.

“Sadie wants to go to Disney World—in an airplane,” said Dawn. “Actually, she did not realize there was a prize for winning when we started. She also wants to meet Rachel Ray and cook something with her on the show.”

If Sadie can score in the top three she will win an appearance on the Rachel Ray Show.