Source: Sherman Publications

Clarkston Haunts on Halloween

by Andrea Beaudoin

October 30, 2013

Rumors abound about haunted places in Clarkston, especially this time of year.

For one, the spirit of Enos Church still frequents downtown Clarkston.

“That guy lived at my house, and he would leave open the door and not shut it. We would even lock the door and the door would still come open,” said Carol Eberhardt, Clarkston city manager. “After I yelled at him once, it stopped.”

Tom Braun, Clarkston resident and Masonic member, has also felt his presence.

“This was about four or five years ago at about dusk there were three of us leaving the Masonic Temple after meeting," Braun said. "I heard a guy behind me called my name and I turned around to answer and that’s when I saw the spirit of a man in a long coat and hat entering the building through the brick.”

Toni Smith from the Clarkston Community Historical Society said the Masonic Temple is one of the most active hauntings in Clarkston.

“The bell is really interesting because every type of ring means something,” said Smith. “The bells goes off when they are off subject and talking when they should be working at a meeting. It’s almost like the bell ringing is telling them to get back to work.”

Both Smith and Braun said a ceremonial bell used by the Mason’s will ring out of nowhere.

Visitors also feel cold spots and photo takers capture orbs. Braun said most things happen on the top floor of the lodge and the orbs show up in the photos in different sizes and colors and it doesn’t matter if photos are taken from a digital or film camera,” he said.

Smith said another major haunt in Clarkston is the Chip Travis home located on Holcomb Road. A ghost in said to reside in that home that likes to leave human companions gifts.

“That house has a lot of activity,” said Smith.

Smith added that there are lots of stories of lights flickering on and off in different homes and buildings in Clarkston. Many stories were included in the Ghost Walk that took place in Clarkston in August.

Many may not know that one spirit in Clarkston is not fond of the alcohol sold in the Clarkston Union.

“In the restaurant there has been three sightings of a woman dressed in a Victorian dress in the walk-in cooler and she’s seems to be angry,” said Smith. “She associates building with church and gets mad they are serving alcohol.”

Smith said any places in American have similar stories of haunted happenings.

“I’m not saying Clarkston is a haunted place,” said Smith. “If you went to any historic town and talked to people living in old buildings they will have similar stories.”

One group that investigates paranormal happenings is C.H.I.P.S, Clarkston Haunted Investigative Paranormal Seekers/Supernatural, a paranormal investigative group based in Clarkston.

Robert Dowd, a founding member of C.H.I.P.S, said some haunting can be residual meaning they happen at places such as battlefields.

“It will keep happening over and over,” Dowd said. “There’s a stirring out there that people seem to be seeing more things move and hearing more voices. Sometimes you can find what we call earthbound, have unfinished business, something keeps them here until their business is taken care of.”

Although most spirits are pleasant, a few carry a grudge, he said.

“There are evil spirits sometimes because they died a violent death and they get upset with that situation,” he said. “I’ve had things thrown at me and saw doors open and close. I have some good evidence that people get held on earth somehow.”

But some stories are nothing but rumors.

Robert said he grew up on Ware Road, and there were rumors that a spirit kid burned down houses or another rumor that a downing out there.

“None of the stories out there are true,” he said.