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Psychic once predicted for CNews

October 30, 2013

From time to time The Clarkston News has been into psychics.

In the mid 1970’s a regular column called “The Third Eye” was featured and offered predictions locally and worldwide.

A former longtime resident of Clarkston, Shirley Lynch wrote “The Third Eye” column anonymously back in the 70s and 80’s because some people believed her spiritual ideals were the work of the devil.

Back in the day, in addition to her column, Lynch was interviewed by CNews for her yearly predictions.

All predictions are changeable by free will, she says.

Now 82-years-old, Lynch reminisced of yesteryears, and even shared a future prediction.

Shirley was aware of her spiritual gifts from a young age. At night she would hide under her blankets for fear of spooks in spirit form.

“If I didn’t hide under the covers I would see spirits and it would scare me,” she said.

When she told her adoptive parents, who were strict Methodists, what she was seeing and feeling they told her she was imagining things.

But deep inside, Shirley said, “I would just know things.”

“I will look at a person and will get certain thing from them,” she said. Those “things” came in the form of thoughts, visions, smells and tastes. Shirley said she’s a medium and that she senses and sees spirits that not everyone sees.

Over the years she has cultivated her gifts and has learned to recognize messages from the spirit world.

“My senses are extended,” she said

Shirley said some people are threatened by psychic abilities, so at a party she sensed cancer on a woman and then thought carefully how to approach her gently to let her know somehow.

“I wanted to tell her, but in a non-threatening way,” said Shirley.

Shirley approached the woman and said, “You remind me so much of my friend and then I told her how my friend was battling cancer.”

A year later Shirley ran into the woman from the party again. The woman thanked her because after their conversation she had a feeling to go to the doctor to get checked for cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer, treated and in remission when she ran into Shirley again.

Another important premonition also came to be true. After a she was set up on a blind date, Shirley took one look at John and knew they would marry.

“I saw him walk towards me and I knew,” she said. “It was just a pure calmness and knowing.”

Shirley quickly told her friend, “That’s the man I will marry.” Her friend advised Shirley not to tell him for fear she may scare him off.

On their second date Shirley broke the news to John.

“On our second date I looked at him and said I’m going to marry you and we’ll have six children.”

They did have six children-one who passed before birth.

Shirley said cultivating her spiritual gifts really began after John told her he thought she was psychic after he read alleged psychic Edgar Cayce book.

After John told Shirley he believed her to be psychic she decided to visit a spiritualist church in Clarkston.

“We sat down and several people came up to us and said I’d like you to give messages and predictions.”

Shirley can’t remember exactly when she started writing “The Third Eye” column, but she said at the time she was good friends with The Clarkston News editor and she was encouraged to write the column.

Shirley and John’s five children live around the United States. She visits all of them regularly and travels around the county. Right now she’s visiting Alaska.

As for that future prediction of hers, Shirley said “Hillary Clinton will win the presidency.”

Predictions from yesteryear...

In 1976, The Third Eye predicted a frigidly cold winter, a nasty driving season and advised Clarkston residents to stock their freezers with meat. The columnist also advised people that need to cut wood should do it now or they will find themselves in a bad situation.

The Third Eye went on to say residents had a four-year period of time to get ready for impending doom and be self-sufficient. “The wise will be making repairs that will insure a warm and safe future,” said the columnist. “This includes food and water,” she advised.

“People should stock up and be prepared for ice storms. There will also be other natural disasters in years to come and those prepared will survive best.”

Also, a major earthquake and increased illness;

Independence Township would will have three big lottery winners; and

An increase in community spirit and a great deal of happiness in the area.

Several special predictions were also made about our local officials.

“For the clerk, something very beautiful upon their desk-and object so awe filled that people will come into the office just to see this very beautiful treasure sitting on the clerk’s desk.”

For township trustees, one would receive new cufflinks and for another, a new job opportunity, “That will allow him to spread his wings.”