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Letters to the Editor

October 30, 2013

Millage differences will drop, candidate says

Dear Editor,

In regards to "Candidates mixed on city taxes," Oct. 23 edition, the millage difference shown in the table accompanying this article could be confusing.

Much of the taxes are imposed by other jurisdictions, such as schools, community college, zoo, art institute, park district, and county. Those are taxes that the city and township collect but over which they have no control.

The more relevant comparison is the millage for local operations. Clarkston’s operating millage is 13.1979 mills. The equivalent township millage is 8.4814 – a difference of 4.7165 mills.

I am hopeful that the city’s operating millage can be reduced in future years because of its substantial fund balance – the accumulation of prior year surpluses.

In addition to the operating millage, the city also imposes a debt millage to pay off bonds used to finance road and water improvements and special assessments for the same purpose. Those will end when the bonds are paid off, reducing the total city millage by 5.4527 mills.

Richard Bisio


Parent pride in marching band success

Dear Editor,

I have been told by so many folks over the last few years they had no idea an event the size of our Clarkston High School Marching Band Invitational took place at Clarkston High School!

Over 2,000 students participate from bands all over the state of Michigan and thousands more come to watch our students perform and compete every year! This exciting event takes place every year in October, and Clarkston High School has had the pleasure and privilege of hosting this event for the last 36 years!

I want to thank the area businesses that support us year after year, all of the volunteers who put in so many hours of preparation and then work all throughout the day, our Pit Crew who always come through in a pinch, Dr. Rod Rock and Gary Kaul for coming out in the cold and presenting awards, and our directors; Mike Lewis, Shelley Roland, and Justin Harris, who dedicate their time, talent and generous spirit to our hard working students.

The biggest thank you goes to our marching band students! The hours they put in to march a show is staggering. The weather was cold and rainy for this past Saturday’s competition, but our Clarkston High School Marching Band students rose to the occasion and put on a show I know all of us were proud of, and that garnered an excellent score! I’ve never been so full of joy to be a part of instrumental music in Clarkston. March on.

Kelly Finazzo, president, Clarkston Schools Instrumental Music Association