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Shooting Stars
Pumpkins plant seeds of knowledge

October 30, 2013

Students busily got to work carving and taking seeds out of their pumpkins at Andersonville Elementary last Thursday.

Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Lockwood's class used everything they had learned in math, science, language arts and social studies during the lesson with the pumpkins.

"In reading we are working on character study," said Andrea Lockwood, fourth grade teacher. "We learned a little bit about the pumpkin character, Jack O'Lantern."

For math, they were counting seeds and adding all the numbers together. They are talking about the scientific method in science and made hypothesises about the seed count. For social studies, they learned about different social scientists.

"We will be talking about which social scientist would be interested in pumpkins and what questions would they ask," Lockwood added. "It is a fun activity to put everything we have learned together."