Source: Sherman Publications

City wants state to fix road issues

by Andrea Beaudoin

November 06, 2013

City manager Carol Eberhardt, as well as some residents, hope the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) does something about traffic issues in Clarkston.

A walk-through scheduled with MDOT and Eberhardt was cancelled after MDOT officials told her representatives had already conducted a walk-through of Main Street.

Issues with a cross walk on Sashabaw as well as traffic light timing have also been noticed by residents and local officials.

One of those ongoing issues is the crosswalk light on Sashabaw Road near Bow Point Drive.

Independence Township resident Michael Powell has complained about the Sashabaw crosswalk for years, saying timing is amiss and dangerous.

Public information officer for the Road Commission of Oakland County (RCOC) Craig Bryson said no changes are planned for that crosswalk.

“The timing on that crosswalk was already adjusted,” he said.

Eberhardt said she requested a marked pedestrian crosswalk at 90 N. Main, the location of the new AdWorks building and Union Joints administrative offices, as well as a crosswalk at Church and Main streets.

“I would also like to see them install bike lanes on Main Street,” said Eberhardt.

Another major issue is how fast drivers travel on Holcomb Road. “The council is looking for ways to slow down traffic on Holcomb,” added Eberhardt.

Eberhardt said traffic on Main Street often runs too fast, and there are also timing issues with a light at Main Street and Clarkston Road.

“The lights stays red for so long,” she said. “So Main Street gets backed up and it’s just gridlocked.”

Eberhardt said part of the problem is the light at Clarkston Road’s timing is not changed when school is let out.

Local business owner Bruce Mercado said he has noticed when people want to turn left off Clarkston Road, the green arrow takes too long to change, causing a huge traffic congestion issue.

As for the requests and complaints by the city, Bryson said he will relay concerns to MDOT, who controls all timings and directs RCOC when to make changes.

“MDOT decides what’s done and we just adjust the timing,” said Bryson. Requests for crosswalks and bike lanes are being reviewed.