Source: Sherman Publications

Parking lot enforcement

by Andrea Beaudoin

November 13, 2013

About 20 cars sit all day in city parking spaces marked with a two-hour time limit. That's how many cars City Manager Carol Eberhardt counted, as she investigated several parking issues in Clarkston.

“I have been chalking the Main Street and West Washington lot to get an idea about how many cars routinely stay all day,” Eberhardt said.

The city manager recently sent a letter to retailers about designating parking spaces for business employees, and also recommends the city issue parking permits.

“I am concerned about the holiday season coming up and a lack of paring for the retailers,” she said. “According to our ordinance on parking, the city clerk can designate a parking officer and we can collect fines at City Hall.”

Eberhardt said she also researched fines surrounding cities issue for parking violations and then created a document recommending fines for various parking violations. Fees range from $10 for overstaying in a time limited parking space, $50 for parking in a non-designated space, $150 for parking in a handicap only parking space.

Not all residents see a problem with parking downtown. Just this past weekend Clarkston was filled with visitors for the half marathon, said Cory Johnston of Clarkston.

"There may be a problem but there was also 1,000 runners plus family, friends, volunteers and the usual crowd in the village on Sunday," Johnston said. " Public and private parking lots were used for other purposes, roads and alleys were closed, and I didn't hear anyone say there can't be an event like this because there's a parking problem."

Eberhardt was to bring the issue to city council at its Nov. 12 meeting.