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Don't Rush Me
Duck Dynasty, watch out!
Hooterville looking for own reality show

by Don Rush

November 13, 2013

There’s an old saying (or maybe a successful marketing slogan) that goes like this: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And, while some will maintain that what happens behind the closed doors of Ortonville’s Boat Bar, probably should stay in the Boat Bar, hold on to your sweet bipees a minute.

There’s this group of cats who apparently haven’t heard of the expression TMI (Too Much Information); they actually want to share their Boat Bar exploits with the world. As far as they’re concerned once the world has seen just a little of the Hooterville 9 ballers, the world will want a whole lot more. As a matter of fact, this group of individuals with such nicknames as Fast Eddie, DJ Rolling Rock, Shoeshyne, Herb The Hammer, Hot Josh, Scary Larry, Deadly Steadly and Rockin’ Robin are bankin’ on it.

Well . . . they haven’t banked anything from it yet, but they’re investing in a new concept in reality TV programming. They’ve got a film crew. They’ve got some digital cameras and editing software. Heck they’ve even got a theme song, complete with banjos! is the name of this budding reality TV show.

“We’ve been doing this for a while,” one of the characters, Ron “Deadly Steadly” Stead said. “We’ve had this 9 ball tournament going on, and some of the stuff that happens is just gosh-darned funny. Somebody said, ‘we oughtta make a reality TV show.’ And we are.”

Inspired by the awesomeness that is a bearded Duck Dynasty world (and dollar signs danced in their eyes), they started tapping their exploits (Scary Larry Ahlborn’s in charge of the camera) and editing pilot episodes. According to Scary, for every hour of footage shot, they can make 20 to 40 seconds of show.

“We’ve a ton of footage we have to go through to find those golden nuggets ,” Scary said.

So what is the show about? Well, they have 70 or so players in the 9 ball tournament/league/thing that lasts the better part of the year. There are weekly prizes, and overall trophies. The show will not only reference the play on the felt, but also follow some of the afore mentioned characters during their normal daytime lives.

Ryan Mansfield (aka DJ Rolling Rock) helps edit and is the marketing mavin of the 9 ballers -- he’s kinda excitable and is passionate about getting the show produced. “There’s just a lot of crazy, funny stuff here. It just happens, you can’t script it. And, there is drama, too. It’s life.”

Mansfield believes their show concept is sound. Unlike duck hunting, most Americans have played picked up a cue stick and tried their hands at some game of billiards.

“People can relate. They will relate with us,” he said.

Once a couple of shows are in the can, the crew will plans on building up a fan base via the internet.

“One producers see the following, they will want the show,” Mansfield said.

So, what to these Hootervillians want and need? They need folks to look up their show; they need connections -- if you know of any TV producer types, hook ‘em up. Do you want a shot at being on the show? There’s a way to do that, too. Oh, and donations . . . you can make them, and they will accept them. If you like merchandising, then maybe you’d like a golf or t-shirt. They are available. Find out how, by going to their website.

Once you go to the website, if you scroll down, you can see their intro and listen to the catchy theme song. Duck Dynasty, watch out!