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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin
Goodwill, generosity

by Andrea Beaudoin

December 11, 2013

I can see why the Clarkston Wendy’s was voted best fast food restaurant during the Clarkston News Best of the Best in 2013. I can also see why Cherry Hill Lanes North has been around forever in Clarkston.

All it took for me to facilitate a lunch at Wendy’s was a quick phone call to the Clarkston owners, whom I had worked with to write their stories. The owners called me back within five minutes and said they would love to host “Key of Hope” Children’s Choir from Durban, South Africa.

It’s a similar story with Cherry Hill. I found out the choir went bowling before they came to Wendy’s, and after I told owner Jim that the kids had never been to America, and I told him their story, he refunded their money back. Cherry Hill and Wendy’s gave these kids an experience they will never forget.

The Clarkston News also worked with Halo Burger, promoting their new restaurant in Clarkston, and they too have agreed to give the kids 30 $10 gift cards. What awesome contributions to these awesome establishments.

Our crew from Clarkston TV recorded a full length interview about the choir at the Clarkston church, and their experience at Wendy’s. Our first interview featured talks with Rachel and Dan Smither, founders of Key of Hope and then an interview with some of the kids.

Our second interview features the fun Wendy’s outing. Kids are interviewed then too while eating, and then an awesome bag of candy that Holly Lawn Care and Bridge Lake Market made to the kids.

This was a great experience to learn about people who come from a much different way of life than we have here in America. We are lucky to be sure. Some of the kids live in shacks, and have trouble finding food and water. A few of them even told me, here in America you can find whatever you want whenever you want it.

These kids even if they are from a troubled existence are intelligent and great to talk to. They have a sweetness in their eyes and thankfulness in their heart. I have learned something from them indeed, and that is to always be thankful for what you do have.

I have also learned why it is people give themselves to good cause. There is no other feeling on Earth like you feel helping someone who needs it.