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Jim's Jottings
Merry Christmas From The Grandkids!
Jim's Jottings Tradition Continues

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

December 18, 2013

When we first started this Jim’s Jottings holiday tradition, the two grandchildren Dan and Karen Offer (below) were small enough to fit on my knees. It was 1988. Dan was 3-years-old and Karen was four-months-old. In that first picture, Karen had no hair, I had more and I still wore a suit and tie to work every day. Now they are grown and living out west and I only wear a tie if the occasion arises. They are the children of our daughter Luan and her husband, Bob Offer. The Offer children both live in Colorado.

Back then, the three grandchildren standing around me, were only being dreamed of and anxiously waited for. Now, too, they are growing and becoming fine young people. The Speed siblings standing with me, from the left are Haley and then Trevor (both 14) and Savannah, 18. Their proud parents are our daughter Susan and her husband, Tim Speed.

In 1988, I wrote, “From time to time their names appear in Jottings and I thought you might like to see who we’re writing about.” These days, I sometimes mention m’dog Shayna (she didn’t make the cut for this year’s photo shoot).

While situations, and stations have changed in the 25 years since 1988, some things do not change. We still find more joy in giving than in receiving and me and the grandkids still wish you a Merry Christmas!

-- Jim Sherman, Sr.