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Letters to the Editor

December 18, 2013

Thanks to EMS

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday evening prior to Thanksgiving, I had a major problem and Independence EMS literally saved my life.

Ross and Keith were in my home within five minutes of calling 911, I was stabilized and transported to St Joe's Hospital in Pontiac.

I'm serious when I say this, without Independence Township EMS, I would not be here to write this thank you.

Gentlemen, thanks.

Jim Carlson

Independence Township

Watch out for kids

Dear Editor,

If you drop your children off at school in the morning, please consider this. Consider how fast and how safely you are driving through the school zones where children and teachers are walking.

Most mornings I am concerned to see parents driving with a lack of concern for these young pedestrians. Having dropped off my children at the middle school, junior high and high school, I can assure you speeding and passing in the drop off zone, parking lots and exits will not get you home or to work any sooner.

Also, mornings are dark and kids are in a hurry making them more prone to make sudden moves around cars. So please consider the risk to our children and teachers compared to spending a few extra seconds in line it just isnít worth it.

Thank you,

Chris Walker

School funding response

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to letter to the editor, ďSavor your championship now, because governor wants to take control of our local schools,Ē Dec. 11.

The funny thing about government funding is that we all want our programs funded. If my child plays football, football should be funded. If my child is special needs, special needs programs should be funded.

The reality is that the government lives with limited funds, just like we do. If the Oxford Foundation can find alternative sources for funding education, I say let them do it. If the foundation can find alternative and effective methods of teaching, let them do it.

Not all children do well in a traditional classroom setting. My son would die trying to do an online course, but I would bet you there are some children that would thrive in a computer environment.

I have often thought that our school systems could be more effective with a business/education partnership. Iím thinking of the apprentice programs common in Europe. Complex concepts like physics and calculus are better learned through application. Practical application and hands on experience do not happen in the traditional classroom.

As to the fact that football may lose state funding, I am not sympathetic. Almost all Clarkston sports, other than a select few like football and basketball, are self-funded.


Denise Prock

Support for family store

Dear Editor,

We have a new family owned market that opened in 2013 in the shopping plaza at Dixie Highway and White Lake roads (Neimanís Family Market, see ad on page 3). This very large building stood vacant for about five years as we, the people of Clarkston, certainly wished for occupancy to arrive soon.

That wish came true!

Letís show our Clarkston spirit by recognizing that competition is productive and welcomed in our community.

Another chance to shop locally!

Dee Alonzi

Independence Township