Source: Sherman Publications

Defense leads in court wins

by Wendi Reardon

December 18, 2013

Cagers have sealed their first two wins of the season after battling Waterford Mott and Ferndale last week.

The Clarkston Boys Varsity Basketball team ended the week with Friday’s home opener win against Ferndale, 55-26.

“It was a good win because they beat Brother Rice,” said Dan Fife, head coach. “I think they got tired and our defense was outstanding. “

Ferndale took the lead half way through the first quarter, leading 5-2. By the end the Wolves tied the score 7-7 with baskets from Nick Owens and Andrew Myers along with one-point on the free throw line from Cole Chewins.

Chewins opened the second quarter with another point on the free throw line, putting the Wolves into the lead, 8-7.

Fife added this season there won’t be a lot of separation between the players. Friday proved it when the subs went in and boosted the points on the board in the second quarter, ending the half 23-13. Merrick Canada added to the lead, scoring 11 points during the quarter.

“They did a great job for us,” Fife said. “I think that’s how it is going to be for us all year. Ferndale’s starters got tired. When it’s early in the season it’s a big deal when our starters get tired we can sub for them. Then, we don’t lose anything. It’s good when you can do that.”

The Wolves continued to hold onto the lead as Josh Bonzheim made a 3-point basket 34 seconds into the second half. They continued their tight defense around Ferndale as well, only allowing the Eagles two points, which was made in the last 33 seconds in the third quarter.

Canada led the team with 13 points.

“It’s remarkable,” said Fife, adding Canada ended his football season only a few weeks ago and just started the basketball season. “He was really good in the second quarter. He created a lot of things. He is very athletic and he is a good player. Football is a different conditioning game. But I always thought when we played against teams with good football players they are competitors - that spirit is going to make them better.”

Myers added eight points during the game while Bonzheim and Alex Trim had three points each.

Owens led the Wolves with 16 points in the win against Waterford Mott, where the boys won 57-39.

“I really think that team is a good team,” Fife said. “We just got up and they had a hard time getting up. We didn’t shoot well - we didn’t shoot like Clarkston. It was a good game for us. Winning is winning. The more you win, the better you feel.”

Jonah Newblatt added eight points and Michael Nicholson had seven points. Myers, Chewins and Mason Vires contributed six points each.

The Wolves head to Southfield on Thursday for their first OAA Red game for the season, 5 p.m.