Source: Sherman Publications

More safety paths next year

by CJ Carnacchio

December 18, 2013

Oxford Township will expand its safety path system next year thanks to a $385,000 transfer to that fund approved last week by the board of trustees.

The money will be used for the design and construction of two safety path projects along with the design and easement acquisition for a third path.

Although the total estimated cost for these three projects is $485,000, township officials transferred $385,000 from the general fund reserves because there’s already approximately $100,000 of available monies in the safety path fund.

An estimated $120,000 will be used to build a 1,600-foot path on the west side of M-24 extending from Market St. to Gateway Dr.

Another path will be constructed from where Carriage Lane intersects with Seymour Lake Rd. to the Oxford Township Hall at 300 Dunlap Rd. for an estimated $315,000. This 3,800-foot path will run along the north side of Seymour Lake Rd. and east side of Dunlap Rd.

The final project involves spending an estimated $50,000 for design and easement acquisition for a 6,600-foot path extending along the north side of Seymour Lake Rd. from Dunlap Rd. to Seymour Lake Township Park.