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After a week, power restored

by Andrea Beaudoin

January 01, 2014

Morning Mist Drive residents in Independence Township were happy to have power back last Friday, after several days without heat and electricity.

“We have two fireplaces, so we were warm enough,” said resident Robert Young.

But not being able to shower was a big inconvenience, Young said.

He and his neighbors called Independence Township Supervisor Pat Kittle for help. Kittle contacted DTE and was told crews were in the area.

Young went looking for them, and found DTE lineman Tony Bellant, who he credits with almost immediately figuring out what was causing the outage in the neighborhood.

He and his family fared OK during the outage, but he send his children to relatives with power, Young said.

“My wife told said it’s time to buy a generator,” he said.

Young’s neighbor Lucian Brata said he can take care of himself during a power outage, but he too feels it’s time to buy a generator after his experience with the latest power outage.

“Things happen,” said Brata. “I believe DTE did the best they could.”

Chris Little, who lives in a different part of the subdivision, said he has no complaints about how DTE handled the huge outage because his power was restored shortly after it went out.

DTE Energy estimated most customers who last power in last week's ice storm would be restored by Thursday, but some had to wait until the weekend.

DTE spokeswoman Randi Berris said lineman from several states responded to work on restoring power. About 98 percent, 147,000 of the 150,000 residents who lost power, had been restored by last Friday.