Source: Sherman Publications

Wagon Wheel rocked then knocked

January 08, 2014

On Sunday great winds and the weight of ceaseless, wet snowfall caused the west side of the Wagon Wheel to collapse.

Tuesday a demolition company pushed in the rest of the walls.

Police Chief Jerry Narsh said the building was unsalvageable, and a safety hazard.

If that wall came down, the whole wall would come this way, so anybody in the road would be crushed, Narsh said. Its the same thing ironically we had to do right after the fire in 2004 at Sagebrush because the walls had come down like this, and we had high winds scheduled the next day, so its eerily similar.

Building inspectors issued a condemnation order Monday to allow for rapid demolition of the building.

Owner of the Wheel Dia Zaraga, also the owner of Sagebrush Cantina, did not return requests for comment, but was working with Lake Orion police on a plan to demolish after the building collapsed.

Over a foot of snow fell in Orion Township and Lake Orion Sunday.