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Athlete of the Week
Gentile’s hat trick

by Wendi Reardon

January 15, 2014

Junior Drake Gentile scored his hat trick before the Clarkston Hockey team hit the halfway point in their game against Birmingham United last Thursday.

He scored within the first four minutes of the first period then twice in the next period with his third goal with 10:20 remaining.

“I am glad he showed up,” said Bryan Krygier, head coach. “He got those goals and pushed us ahead to get some distance between us and the other team. Someone always has to step up and get those goals and I am glad he did.”

The Wolves finished with 9-4 win and Gentile finished with his three goals, putting his tally at 11 for the season.

“It is going great so far,” Gentile said about the season. “I have been playing a lot and have scored some goals. I am glad I can help the team.”

It helps out with his goals this season which include improving offensively and helping out the team by becoming a leader on and off of the ice.

Gentile can remember playing hockey since he was fairly young because it was in the blood with his brother and dad playing.

He began playing organized hockey when he was around five-years-old.

He added it has helped him to have his brother and dad play the sport.

“It is really nice because they are able to give me pointers and video tape all the games,” Gentile said. “They can help to teach me and coach me along just like Coach Krygier does. It is really nice. Plus my brother, Brandon, is an assistant coach which is really nice, too.”

He would like to continue playing hockey after he graduates next year. He is already thinking about going to Michigan State University to study accounting.

“I like math, numbers, and money,” he smiled. “I figured it would be useful one day.”

He is currently balancing hockey and his studies with three Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Language Arts and History and is on the honor roll.

Gentile’s advice for aspiring athletes is to keep working hard.

“You will achieve your goals as long as you keep working and never give up,” he added.