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Shooting Stars
Student of the month honored

January 22, 2014

Olivia Tamborra, fifth grader at Pine Knob Elementary, received Clarkston Optimists' first Student Citizen of the Month honors of the year.

"Its good but overwhelming," said Olivia, attending the Optimists' Jan. 15 breakfast meeting with her parents Nick and Debbie Tamborra, and sister Stella.

"Were really proud of her," Nick said. "This says a lot about her character, her sunny outlook on life."

The award recipient is a positive influence on her classmates and school, said Principal Jodi Yeloushan.

"You never ever see her without a smile on her face," Yeloushan said. "She's a role model. She makes a difference her dedication to learning is admirable."

She is active in Alpha Club and PAWS organizations, dance, sports, and music. She aspires to achieve admittance to the University of Michigan to play football or lacrosse, or if that doesn't work out, study history, her principal said.

"She is a true optimist and very deserving of the award," Yeloushan said.

"I have a fun life," Olivia said. "I enjoy being out there so everybody knows I like doing what I do."

Phil Custodio