Source: Sherman Publications

Lion’s Club presents Miloschs with appreciation saw

January 29, 2014

The Lion’s Club held their 5th annual Christmas Basket Auction at Milosch’s Car Dealership this winter.

This year the Lions got creative with their gift of appreciation. They donated a saw with a picture painted of the Milosch cabin, painted by Mike Hendrick from the Orion Art Center, which will be hung above the fireplace at their cabin up by the Tequanimum Falls.

“They gave us the place for free, they give us donations for the auction, they help at our other activities also, our Jubilee, our golf outing, pretty much anything we do the Milosch family is always there to help us,” said Jim Leach Jr., secretary of the Lions.

The Lions Club made around $25,000 that all went back to the 2013 Christmas Basket program. The Lion’s Club white cane sales are coming up in April, and they are planning a special King of the Jungle race for the warmer weather.